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Do you feel you KNOW a lot about why you’re stuck in the same old patterns but don’t know how to free yourself from them? Are you feeling the effects of some events that happened when you were younger – and now they are running your life like some APP in the background,  but try as you might, so far, you have not been able to change them?

THE KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT’S WRONG WITH US ONLY GETS US SO FAR because our youngest experiences are stuck in our bodies in the form of emotions. And they command the ship of your life. How do you get those programs to stop running? EFT is a clinically proven tool for doing exactly this!

Through working with Jamie, countless people have been able to change those emotions that keep us stuck in the same patterns. Joe Dispenza says “When we remove the emotions from our memories, what we have left is wisdom.”  Clinical EFT can help you remove those emotions so you have access to wisdom and can think clearly.

There is a scientific background for why this is so. When freed from the fight or flight our negative emotions trigger, the frontal cortex begins getting blood flow again – and we have access to our creative mind again! 

When you decide to work with Jamie you feel an immediate change. She will give you homework before you begin – You’ll write a list of all the things your heart desires, and date it. With your first session, you’ll feel a brightening sense of HOPE. YOU CAN change your life. And Jamie, along with the tools she’ll teach you, will help you get there. There is an art to doing EFT. Jamie put herself through rigorous training with Alina Frank and Craig Weiner, of And she learned the best, most effective, and safest use of EFT. Together, you’ll go down the path to emotional freedom!

Who does Jamie work with? You might be a good fit if: 

  • You’re just so darn tired of your extra weight, and willing to try energy work to see if it helps. It has helped countless others
  • You are stressed and overwhelmed and just don’t know where to start.
  • You are grieving and want to get your life back, while still honoring your relationship with your loved one. 

To have a Discovery Session with Jamie to find out if you are a fit for working with her, please click on the link to schedule a session.