Make New Best Friends NOW, Coaching System

Do you ever wake up on a day off filled with dread of the day ahead…with long hours stretched before you and no one to share them with?

  • Have you ever gone out alone, only to return home quickly because the sight of people having fun with their friends made you unbearably sad? 
  • Have you ever been at home for ANOTHER night when you just wished the phone would ring, or you had plans with a friend? 
  • Have you ever thought “Oh, this is my karma, and I guess I just can’t change it this lifetime.”
  • Or: My karma won’t change until I change on the inside, but I don’t know HOW to make that happen…

Well NOW, you CAN change those feelings, and create a life full of friends

I work with women who want to create new BEST friends…and have tried…and been discouraged. If you struggle with loneliness, isolation, fear, and hopelessness around creating friendships I can help you. 

If you’d like to create real, deep, authentic friends…circles of friends who will be THERE for you, as you are there for them. If you want friends you can count on when times get rough, and to share and celebrate the good times too—I can help you create this in your life with my proven system. 

What separates me from other mentors is I am the ONLY one focusing on helping people make new Best friends. I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to watch the TV show FRIENDS with tears in my eyes. I know what it’s like to go out to eat alone and sit there reading, trying to pretend I don’t care that I’m alone. I know what it’s like to call people and find no one is ever around…or they are busy with their families…or husbands…or whatever. I’ve worked in places where everyone only hangs with their HIGH SCHOOL friends, but I’m not from there. UGH.

AND I SOLVED THIS PROBLEM, and will be right there with you as I teach you to become a Friendship Superstar Yourself! YOU CAN DO IT! I CAN HELP! 

Here’s the Program Outline:

Module 1)

Love Yourself FIRST! Skyrocket your self-love and the friends will come.

  • Create Your Magical Morning Ritual ~ Win in the morning and you win in life! – Create a NEW FRESH DETERMINATION for your life.
  • Using scientifically proven EFT Tapping. I lead you in a self-help technique you’ll use over and over to release emotions and reprogram your life. 
  • Change your self-talk. Know the three best things you must tell yourself over and over every day.
  • Learn the keys to chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo to fuel your happiness. 

Module 2)

Tap into Your Intuitive Knowledge NOW using creative, fun writing techniques. 

  • I’m the founder of WISDOM WRITING for extreme happiness ~  bring forth your happiest, intuitive self. This will change your life forever. You already have the answers. Access them NOW!
  • Incorporate this practice into your life immediately using I AM affirmations and daily 5 minute writings. 

Module 3)

Find Your Tribe! 

  • They are looking for you, too! 
  • Uncover the qualities you want in your tribe.
  • Discover where YOUR tribe hangs out.
  • Learn New Conversation skills to make you at ease in ANY social situation.

Module 4)

Meet your New Friends ~  5 keys to connecting with your tribe.  

  • Plan some new places to go to meet new friends, and get there all ready to meet new friends, with new tools that I will teach you. No more social anxiety! 
  • Never be afraid to go to an event alone again
  • Find people to invite to events that share your interests. 

Module 5)

Making Invitations, Refresh Your Manners, and keep getting out there!

  • And THIS Time feel really good about it! Follow my coaching and enjoy your time out! 
  • Set up a plan of action that will create life-long friends.

Module 6)

The Key to creating circles of friends – 

  • How to have a party they’ll be talking about for years – because it brings you all closer. 
  • Learn the 6 keys to hosting a Goddess Party easily!
  • You bring it together.
  • It’s fun!

Module 7)

Cultivating Business Friends

  • The Keys to making new business friends
  • How business friends bring you riches! 

Module 8) 

How to deepen your new friendships and turn them into Life-long friends

  • Find new and creative ways to celebrate together
  • Learn to share the good times, and be supported in the bad times. 
  • How to let people in, without fear and with love. 

Module 10)

We celebrate your success and plan your next steps! 

  • Keys to Maintaining these golden friendships
  • Keys to BEING the friend YOU’VE always wanted to be

Are you ready? Right now you can book a Breakthrough Session with Jamie by clicking on the link below: 

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My coaching program begins with understanding your true value, where your power really comes from, how to manifest what you want (including more money), creating powerful intentions that get you results as well as the outer pieces to powerfully build your confidence

Here’s what the System gets you to do:

What is it you really want? If you don’t have a clear “why” then you really have no clear direction, and this just causes confusion and spinning in your brain! I have a set of easy to use tools that help you DEFINE exactly what it is you’re looking for, and what you really want out of your life

Every change requires just 1 decision. 1 Decision that starts the change to Authentic Confidence, so out of everything you want to achieve, what’s the one thing you can start to change RIGHT NOW!

R efine
Breaking through barriers is the most challenging and rewarding part of the process. Once we’ve identified what’s holding you back, we work together to find the source of the block. I use a variety of techniques and modalities to do this, including Intuitive Healing, Chanting, Wisdom Writing, Mind Set Work, & tailored Affirmations. These processes allow you to release the block and move forward with a new perspective about your life.

E xecute
When it comes right down to it, you have to do the work, but clearing the “fluff and fuzz” from your Mind, your Heart, your Brain and your Life makes the process almost effortless!

What results can I expect?

In my Signature Program, 90 Days to Absolute Happiness and Abundant Self-Love, we will have  1 call per week for 3 weeks, then 1 week off throughout this 90 day period. On each of the calls, we’ll investigate what issues have arisen for you and work through the blocks around this issue.

First 30 days: Identify and clear major blocks that are holding you back from authentic Self Love and Confidence. This is an ongoing process throughout the program, but the first 30 days is when we tackle the really big stuff – Usually the stuff that’s been there for years and has determined or driven your behavior and reactions for years. As we progress through the first 30 days, you’ll be pushing the reset button on Mind-Sets that have been holding you back, probably for most of your life!

We’ll be establishing basic new habits to replace them because this is the time we start introducing new thought patterns to your Mind/Body/Soul/Brain connection in such a way that you begin to understand that change, and success, and Authentic Confidence is a safe space. This is not a race!!!!!!! Let’s work through these issues properly, once and for all! No more “coping” or dodging or making excuses. Let’s start igniting the flame ignite your life!

Next 30 Days: Firmly establish new habits in your life. Once you’ve established basic resets, it’s time to grow these from seed to plant! The new habits you establish in the first 30 days begin to flesh out and become part of your everyday life! As you progress through this next phase, there are more minor triggers that need to be addressed – “niggly bits” that keep creeping in to undermine your success – gremlins if you like! These little gremlins are the residue, or shadow that remains once you’ve “blown up the onion” on the major issues you addressed in the first 30 days

Last 30 days: Your new habits and your NEW MINDSET for Success, Joy, Love, Happiness, and Confidence are FIRMLY ESTABLISHED! We use this last 30 days of the program to feel comfortable in your new skin! Everyday challenges no longer become an issue because you have the tools to work through them! You know the process, you’ve learned the techniques, and you know how to use them to YOUR best advantage! Our conversations at this stage of the program will be about re-confirming the skills you have gained in the first 60 days, and confirming for yourself that YOU GOT THIS!