Among Jamie’s most popular topics is “From Grief to Relief.” In this live workshop (or private session live, online), Jamie leads you from grief to relief by helping you to connect with your loved one-in-spirit through the written word. You need no “medium” or intermediary of any kind. All it takes is the willingness to be open to the connection. It’s a natural, simple process. You’ll learn the Energy Freedom Techniques that has been recognized the world over for freeing emotions. You’ll write to your loved-one-in-spirit, and while holding your pen on the paper, they will write you right back! Over and over. Once you open this line of communication it’s YOURS to access whenever you wish. Sessions are available one time, or in series. Sign up for as many as you wish. 

  • Stress Less and Live More! 
  • Advanced Communication Strategies: Change Your Words, Change Your Life
  • The 6 Keys to Building Instant Rapport. Creating the highest standard of care and 5 star ratings.  
  • Changing the Face of Aging. This dynamic presentation shows the latest research that proves life gets BETTER as we age, and the more aware we are of the positive aspects of aging the more vibrancy and happiness we can create in our lives!
  • Grief Relief through EFT Tapping and Wisdom Journal Writing
  • No Blue Christmas, Coming together to Tell Our Favorite Stories
  • Motherless Mothers Day Story Sharing
  • Fatherless Father’s Day Story Sharing