Jamie’s authenticity is magnetic! I had the pleasure of spending time with her to talk through some issues, and she was so warm and giving and open with her knowledge, and of herself. Jamie just has a natural ability to be compassionate and understanding. Before speaking to Jamie, I felt so unsure about the direction I was going in. With her gorgeous innate ability to put me at ease, Jamie was able to pinpoint exactly where I was stuck, and what I needed to do to move forward. As a result of that session with Jamie, I have a clear steps to achieve what I want! Thankyou Jamie! I’m moving forward again!

Adele AttonIntuitive HealerSydney Australia

I first came to Jamie when I felt incredibly sad about my relationship with each of my children. I felt like they did not like me, respect me, or even love me. I often felt that they deliberately left me out.

Of course, I thought this was all their fault, I really did…but there was one small part of me that believed that with the right guidance…with the right outlook, new habits, or spiritual tools or SOMETHING, that I could change this situation. But it had to get really bad before it got better. When one of my sons got engaged I KNEW I had to take action, or I would live with regret for years.
So I turned to Jamie. I’d watched her for years. I knew she had this seemingly magical power to have peaceful and loving relationships with everyone in her life. I knew she had a solid daily practice that was giving her results. I knew she was the writer of her own life in every way. Even when faced with the worst possible events…she always turned poison into medicine. I wanted THAT for my life.

Working with Jamie blew the lid off my world! Jamie is truly the BEST.

Jamie gave me solid, concrete actions to take, and gentle guidance…gentle but firm. I enjoyed the homework and easily fit it into my life. She listened to my stories and asked me compelling questions.

I quickly began to see where the pain came from…I saw the roots in my childhood…and Jamie helped me spring out of those patterns, see them and change them! I saw what I was doing wrong. (Not just what I was doing wrong, but beliefs I held that simply were not true.) I was able to change it. In three months I went from feeling unloved to feeling deeply loved. Now I feel included and cherished. I am able to freely give my love to my children, and I can experience their love for me. My children are so happy…they feel like they are finally getting through to me too! And it’s all joyful.

Working with Jamie profoundly changed my life. I only wish I had started working with her sooner. I suffered with this for many years before I was finally able to turn it around.
If you’re considering working with Jamie do it NOW. Start today! Your happiness, and the happiness of your family depends on it!

Mary Bell

I always assumed Jamie was a great friendship superstar her entire life. By the time we met she had mastered the art of making new best friends, that’s for sure! We made friends so easily. Jamie just absorbs people into her life. Jamie gathers people around her. She’s a magnet for people. When Jamie moved from Chicago to St. Pete Beach all her friends spent the last two weeks hanging out at her house, helping her pack and get ready to go. She only brought what would fit in her SUV and we had a huge packing party the night before she left. It helped us all to deal with our grief around her leaving, and we got to celebrate and launch her on her way. Jamie’s magnetic! People love her. She’s the master of making new Best friends! I would recommend anyone to work with her!

Joy Cornelius-Klein, MSPath to Joy Wellness and Trainings

Nobody does friendship better than Jamie.

We became instant friends from the moment we met.

The funny thing is, I wasn’t looking for a new friend. I’ve always felt supported by good people. But somehow I couldn’t resist her magnetic pull. And is my life ever richer because of her. She has offered me a new level of support and inspiration. And the amazing thing is that it’s effortless. There’s no sense of obligation to talk or get together and many times our lives don’t give space for each other. Yet every time we come back together, there’s a beautiful ease that feels like coming home.

Though I’ve learned countless invaluable lessons from Jamie, our friendship doesn’t feel lopsided. She’s a master of both giving and receiving love.

I hope you too let this bright amazing person into your life!

Betsy Grimm